The NAIGAI Corporation|Gloves Business

Naigai plans and produces gloves for the sports and fashion industries.
We go beyond mere OEM, acting as glovemaking professionals to design and develop ODM tailored to your brand.

Company name The Naigai Corporation
Established March 1954
Business design, manufacture, and sale of sports and fashion gloves
President and CEO Yasunori Tanaka
Employees 68
Capital 40 Million JPY
Headquarters 1095 Matsubara Higashikagawa City Kagawa Pref., Japan
Offices Tokyo: Room 203, Ryogoku, Izumi-Coop, 3-62 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
South Korea: Naigai Sales Liaison Office in Korea
Indonesia: Naigai Indonesia Liaison Office (NILO)
Subsidiaries US: Naigai Gloves America, Inc.
1411 W 190th St., Suite 200, Gardena, CA 90248
TEL : 1-310-538-3833, E-mail :
Subsidiary factories Sri Lanka: Lanka Naigai (Pvt.) Ltd..
Myanmar: Bago Sports Gloves Co., Ltd.
Overseas partner factory five factories in Indonesia
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  • Naigai Gloves America

March 1954 Sanpi Corporation founded
May 1961 Began exporting gloves
December 1963 Name changed to Naigai Tebukuro Co., Ltd.
February 1981 Name changed to The Naigai Corporation
September 1983 Began directly importing materials from Italy, Germany, the UK, US, South Korea, Taiwan, and Spain
May 1989 Opened Sri Lanka factory, Lanka Naigai (Pvt.) Ltd.
January 1990 Lanka Naigai (Pvt.) Ltd. begins sale of goods to three major world markets
June 1992 Tokyo branch established
June 1998 Lanka Naigai (Pvt.) Ltd. begins manufacturing gloves
December 2002 obtained certification mark as a company that supports child-rearing and nursing in Kagawa Prefecture
December 2005 Headquarters obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification
October 2009 Lanka Naigai (Pvt.) Ltd. obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification
January 2010 Headquarters obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification
May 2010 Established Naigai Indonesian office, NILO
November 2011 Established Naigai Gloves America, Inc. (California)
November 2012 Established Myanmar factory, Bago Sports Gloves Co., Ltd.
December 2016 Headquarters obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification