The NAIGAI Corporation|Gloves Business

Naigai believes that our employees are our greatest asset.

We provide a work environment and culture where people of all genders and ages can work and learn from both failure and success.
Plus, this is all offered in a global context.

Work forms a major part of our lives and is designed to enrich them.
To that end, we provide personnel with work that matches their current life stage and career.

As a result, Naigai to receive certification as a firm supporting childrearing and nursing in Kagawa, and we were recognized as a company leading efforts to make both work and home sustainable at the same time.

We work out of a rich natural location in the Inland Sea area of Japan, enjoying gentle life while active on the global stage.
Why not join us and grow through a career here?

Naigai offers dormitory-style living quarters for eligible employees at its quaint Dorm Circle that’s just a short walk from headquarters.

We also offer ample maternity and childcare leave. When childcare and family nursing needs arise, we regularly offer short-term leave.

There is also a paid “refresh” holiday system. We encourage employees to take 5 continuous days off once a year, or up to nine days including weekends.

  • Teamowrk

  • Independence

  • Curiosity

  • Adventurous spirit

  • Desire to improve

  • International travel interest and ability

Currently, there are no open positions. Please check back or contact us.