The NAIGAI Corporation|Gloves Business

Naigai brings its products to market worldwide. We have 8 production and management sites in 3 countries; Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Indonesia. And we procure materials from 20 countries worldwide.
With locations globally, Naigai pursues the design, production, and quality control of gloves in a globally competitive fashion.

Global production sites and high production capacity

We offer the largest production capacity in our industry.
Our Naigai Indonesia Liaison Office (NILO) manages production and quality for all of our factories.

Global procurement

We have a network that allows us to procure materials from 20 countries.

Cutting-edge materials
Since sports gloves require special function, we source the latest technological material available from our expansive network of suppliers and retain a vast database of parts and materials.
Procuring high-quality materials
Naigai can procure high-quality synthetic leather made in Japan. We also carry a range of proprietary and unique materials.
We can also procure high-quality natural leathers from Italy, the UK, Ethiopia, and we partner with Indonesia’s top tannery to bring you the world’s best leathers.

A global standard of support and compliance

In 2005, Naigai headquarters obtained ISO9001 certification for the first time. Since then, ongoing refinements have led to the recent obtaining of ISO9001:2015.
In our factories, we have also obtained ISO9001.
We have also cleared brand quality audits for each of our clients and achieved safe production and quality control that meets their targets.

Subsidiary factories
Partner factories(Indonesia)
Subsidiary factories