The NAIGAI Corporation|Gloves Business

Naigai is a glove design and manufacturing firm founded in 1954.
We are headquartered in Higashikagawa, Kagawa Prefecture, a town in Japan that produces 90% of the country’s gloves.
The history of glove making in this area goes back about 130 years and it is when Naigai decided to begin developing and producing its very own gloves.
Beginning in the 1970s, we were among the first in the industry to move production and procurement overseas and actively hire personnel abroad, cementing our global expansion. As a result, we have become a global glove provider.
As we aim to reach 100 years and more in business, we will continue meeting our clients’ diverse needs while exploring the untapped potential of gloves.

Celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2054.

We are driven to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2054.
This is the quality policy of the current CEO of Naigai,

By continuing to create and provide products that fill our customers with satisfaction,
we will have the trust of our clients,
the assurance of our clients, and
a high level of expectation from our clients.
Achieving these are the only way of succeeding in our determination.

Strengthening our base

  • In today’s rapidly changing times, we continue to move forward, poised to always take the lead.
    We continue to move forward, poised to always take the lead even amidst flux.
  • We are dedicated to increase the speed of our growth in our specialty artisan business.
  • As we grow globally we actively work to collaborate with others across borders and with different nationalities to create an organically, global, cohesive team.

Continuous growth

  • Through our gloves, we aim to maximize the performance of people everywhere, both in Japan, where we were founded, and in nations overseas.
  • Drastic changes to consumer behavior have made it increasingly difficult to predict what will come next. Amidst this, we are aiming to achieve more rapid product development and mass production and delivery of high-quality goods.

Maintaining a diverse culture now and into the next generation

  • In today’s borderless global world, there are issues faced at every turn. What companies need is the ability to act autonomously, identify issues and solve them. Naigai is training a team of global talent that are primed to take the initiative and lead change.
  • We give our staff a challenging work environment and many ways to expand their growth.
  • By thoroughly sharing knowledge and data among ourselves and with our counterparts, we partner with sites and partners worldwide and improve countinually.
  • We aim to be a firm that is considerate of and in harmony with the environment.

Naigai is about :

  • Making ideas reality
    (creativity, development, technology)
  • Procuring materials clients need
  • Productivity
  • Speed

Through an organization and talent possessing these skills,
we achieve high customer satisfaction and continue enhancing our competitiveness on the world stage.